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Balance On and Off the Mat

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Yoga balances can lead to a more balanced approach to life

I have been focusing a lot on arm balances during my practice recently, and it has reminded me of how applicable lessons learnt from performing yoga poses can be off the matt. All asanas require strength, flexibility, discipline, energy, ability to surrender and of course, balance.

Yoga reminds me how to balance myself both on and off the matt. I believe that if we constantly desire for more to the point of extremity, then we are trying to fill a void and we are not happy. But if we do not try at all then we stay stuck in one place, and we are not happy.

Life is a constant push and pull, a constant alternation between effort and relaxation, as is much of yoga practice. To enjoy the relaxation, the downhill slide, I must make the most of the uphill climb and vice versa. In this arm balance (pictured above) my hips rest downwards onto my elbows, and my elbows press upwards into my hips with equal and opposite force. Resultantly my centre of gravity comes to rest, balanced, between my elbows in a place of equal relaxation and effort. Namaste.

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