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Vegan Beginnings

My Vegan Journey So Far...

I transitioned to veganism a little over two months ago now and I could not be happier with how much it has benefited me both physically and mentally. I never made an official decision, or said to myself on a particular day that I was going vegan. It was more of a natural progression that sped up on return from my travels in Southeast Asia. I had never eaten a large amount of meat and only had milk and cheese sparingly. Eggs were definitely the animal product that I ate in greatest quantity, and I do admit that there are days when I crave scrambled eggs. But it only takes a quick mental reminder of where these eggs are coming from and how exactly they get to our plates, that quickly crushes any desire to eat them.

Probably the greatest reasoning behind my diet choices now however are the environmental costs of eating animal products. These costs are slowly beginning to be more widely known about, largely thanks to social media, but there is still a scary amount that is not known. It is hard to know what exactly is true and what is exaggeration, but I also feel that the glaring figures from so many studies cannot simply be ignored or disregarded. After a lot of mostly online research, I felt that there could not be so much smoke without fire, and that ultimately the biggest action that I could take to reduce my environmental impact was to maintain a vegan diet.

During lapses in willpower, the sensation that I am doing something for more than myself, for the greater good of the planet, is what encourages me to continue eating this way. It is a feeling that I know many vegans experience themselves. So the idea that we are missing out or that we feel deprived, could not be further from how it actually feels to be vegan in my opinion. The rewarding sensation I get from eating this way is the exact opposite of deprivation.

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